Ready to sign your first, or next, clients?

If you said YES and have no clue where to find your first, or next, clients – the 5k Challenge is for you!

Just being a phenomenal coach will not get you there. You also have to become really good at being an entrepreneur.  The 5k Challenge is designed as a fast track to step into those CEO shoes and get clients. Fast. The challenge works to sell any high-ticket program, membership and can even be used to promote a (free) masterclass.

The 5k Challenge lays down the exact action steps and content you need to put out there for 28 days to attract your people and convert them into clients.

Not only will you learn exactly how to close at least 5k in sales within 28 days, your confidence will also skyrocket, AND you create a ripple that will get you clients even months after!


The 5k Challenge Includes


This module captures the exact steps and materials to set you up for optimal success! It also includes all the templates that you need, like a coaching agreement, welcome bundle and pricing bundle. 

The second module is what you came for! In here, you will find four wildly detailed workbooks, one for each week, with the exact action steps and content that you need to put out there. All done for you!

After 28 days this module will automatically unlock and show you your next steps to keep scaling and growing,

In just 28 days, I show you how to lock in at least 5k.


Initially, the 5k challenge was only meant for the coaches who work 1:1 with me. They get access to The Coach Files – a complete library to create your business. 

But I want you to have access too and that just for $97!
– Imagine signing two 2.5k clients within the next 28 days!

I didn’t have to think twice to offer this challenge for this price. Nope, no drama here. I will not regret it! You see, it’s my very mission to help coaches, like you, get their business off the ground. Don’t want to sell your high-ticket program but want to get members for your membership? Cool! This challenge will also be perfect for that.

Let’s start with step one! I’ll show you exactly how if you’re willing to schedule some hours in your calendar, and make a low payment of $97.


You have burning questions, we have answers!

How do I know if this is for me?

The 5k Challenge is for coaches who are struggling to build momentum, sell with confidence, and lock in their first clients. It doesn’t matter if you have a small following on your social media or a small e-mail list. 

I have no (engaged) following or email list. Do I benefit from the 5k Challenge?

Abso-frikkin’-lutely! It is specifically designed for coaches who have yet to build momentum. You can even have a massive following with zero engagement. This Challenge shifts your focus from chasing followers to attracting clients.

How does the 5k Challenge work?

Once you sign up, you get instant and lifetime access to the 5k Challenge, which includes 3 modules. The first module will help you to prepare for the best results. The second module is where the magic is hidden – four workbooks, one for each week, with specific action steps and content ideas per day! After 28 days, the last module will automatically unlock with steps on how to proceed after those 28 days. 

Does it work for every coaching niche?

Yes 🙂

For what social media platforms does this work?

The 5K Challenge works best for Instagram or Facebook, but can also be used for TikTok. 

Is there a refund policy?

We do not offer refunds. You get instant and lifetime access to the 5k Challenge when you sign up. 

The 5k Challenge is created for coaches who have set the intention to actually apply the insights and tools and go for it.

You get immediate access to all (downloadable) information that way exceeds the value of the investment.

When you join, you’re a delightful rebel for life! 

You still didn't answer my question!

I will personally answer any questions you have! Just sent an email to

Hi, I’m Nora, your partner in crime! With a background in neuropsychology, I fashioned my coaching business around my biggest obsession: the human mind.

Fast forward 10 years, I turned my struggling years into a 7-figure business. The ride was bumpy and full of curse words, but set my soul on fire! Today, I’m showing coaches, like you, how to get past that first MASSIVE roadblock: reaching consistent 10k months.

For that, you need to unleash that inner rebel, meaning: to unlearn all the crap from the past, mastering the energetics, mindset & strategy of a 6-figure coach, and learning how to say:

The number one rule for being an entrepreneur is knowing that there are no rules. You have to create your own strategy. The copy/paste days are over. Time to be a leader, and eliminate luck from the game. Your success is INEVITABLE if you keep putting in the money-making action. 

And when I’m not working …. I save snails (no joke), goof around with my kid and hubby, do TONS of reading and beach time, and enjoy a good plate with tapas & wine. (any food really ….) 

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