The Membership Mastery Academy

Secure Clients, Ensure Predictable & Recurring Income and Amplify Your Coaching Influence From Week One By Leveraging The Power Of Memberships!

Imagine having a steady stream of clients who never want (and have to) leave your side, predictable recurring income, and the power to triple your impact.

All while spending less hours in your business!

Your dream coaching business is just a click away with the radically transformative Membership Mastery Program!

It Is NOT Just About You Learning



This course is where you’ll find all your new nuggets of wisdom. Step-By-Step we will unleash the superpowers of the 5 membership models that work brilliantly for coaches. (See overview in next section) But it’s not just about you learning ….


This academy isn’t a one-way street. Those modules? They’re not just standalone gems! They’re backed by exhilarating weekly live group sessions inside of a built-in community. (It even has its own mobile app!) It’s about you implementing!


There’s no need to learn everything at once to get started. The course is dripped over 6 months so you have the time to implement one big thing at a time. That’s why you get lifetime access and kick off with a checklist to start and get results NOW.

Some RAVING Results


Here Is A Sneak Peak

of the membership mastery course

Month One: Building the Foundation of Membership Success

Get ready to revolutionize your coaching business with Module 1. Lay the groundwork for your membership’s success, explore innovative models, and hit the ground running with our actionable checklist. Your journey towards predictable recurring income and amplified impact starts now.

🔑 Core Elements of Success: Learn the essential components that differentiate thriving memberships from the rest.

🌟 Coach-Optimized Models: Explore the five membership models curated exclusively for coaches. Whether you’re just starting or an experienced pro, these models are designed to elevate your coaching business and nurture lasting client relationships.

Quick-Start Checklist: Ready to put your newfound knowledge into action? Unveil our step-by-step checklist designed to guide you in launching your membership swiftly and effectively. No more waiting – get your community out there and start making an impact!

Month 2: Crafting Irresistible Membership Content

Elevate your coaching business by transforming content delivery into an irresistible experience, driving your members towards the premium levels of your expertise.

🎯 Tailored to Thrive: Uncover the secrets of tailoring content for each of the five coach-optimized membership models. From value-packed resources to interactive sessions, learn how to keep your members engaged and hungry for more.

🚀 Hook, Line, and Premium: Discover strategies to transform ordinary content into premium experiences. Explore techniques that elevate engagement and create a desire for your premium coaching offerings, unlocking a new level of growth for your business.

💡 Innovative Delivery Methods: Explore cutting-edge methods to deliver your content and to provide exceptional value to your members.

Month 3: Success Strategies

Welcome to the dynamo of your Membership Mastery journey! In this module, we’ll uncover the proven strategies and tactics that catapult your membership into unprecedented success, while also compelling potential leads to take the leap and join your thriving community, NOW.

🚀 Success Accelerators: Dive deep into the arsenal of success strategies and tactics that propel your membership to new heights. From engagement-boosting techniques to fostering a sense of belonging, you’ll gain the tools to create an unmissable membership experience.

💰 Pricing Psychology Demystified: Delve into the intricate world of pricing psychology and discover how to set membership prices that resonate with your audience. Uncover the secrets of pricing tiers that not only drive conversions but also maximize revenue.

🧠 Human Behavior 101: Gain insights into the psychological triggers that influence member behavior. Unlock techniques to boost engagement, foster a sense of belonging, and encourage active participation within your membership ecosystem.

🔑 Member’s Path to Premium: Craft a journey that guides your members from basic engagement to seeking the pinnacle of your coaching services. Learn how to strategically upsell and cross-sell your premium offerings within your membership framework.

Month 4: Getting Members

This module is the launchpad of the Membership Mastery Course! In this module, we’ll equip you with an arsenal of cutting-edge marketing strategies to attract, engage, and convert new members into your thriving community.

🚀 Strategic Pre-Launch: Uncover the blueprint for a successful membership launch. From creating anticipation to generating buzz, learn how to lay the groundwork for an impactful membership introduction.

🎉 Irresistible Offer Creation: Craft offers that leave potential members unable to resist. Learn to combine value, exclusivity, and urgency to create offers that trigger instant enrollments.

🌐 Multichannel Marketing: Dive into an array of marketing channels – from social media to email campaigns – and master how to optimize each for maximum member acquisition. Harness the power of cross-channel promotion to reach a wider audience.

🔥 Launch Event Spectacular: Explore the realm of launch events and webinars that leave a lasting impact. Harness the energy of a live launch to connect directly with potential members, fostering trust and excitement.

Month 5: Keeping Members

This month, I’ll guide you through the strategies that not only retain members but also pave the path to upselling them to your premium elite membership model where they can stay forever! It will be your members’ home for accountability and scaling beyond!

🔒 Retainment Blueprint: Unlock the art of retention with 6 strategies and tactics that keep your members excited to stay.

🚀 Upsell Strategies Unveiled: Delve into the methods that effortlessly transition members to your premium Elite Membership.

💡 Personalization Power: Explore the impact of personalization in keeping members engaged. Learn how to tailor content and experiences based on individual preferences, boosting participation and satisfaction.


Month Six: Scale

As you immerse yourself in the last month, prepare to embark on the final stage of your Membership Mastery journey. Synthesize the wisdom gained throughout the course, strategize for growth, and implement advanced scaling techniques to lead your coaching business to unparalleled success. With a flourishing membership community and a scalable framework in place, you’re equipped to leave a lasting impact and secure a prosperous future as a coaching visionary.

🚀 Strategic Growth Roadmap: Develop a comprehensive growth strategy that combines the best practices from each module. Learn how to harness content, engagement, marketing, and upsell tactics to fuel an exponential rise in membership.

📈 Data-Driven Scaling: Dive into advanced analytics techniques to inform your scaling decisions. Explore how to identify growth patterns, optimize engagement, and scale your membership base while maintaining exceptional member satisfaction.

🌐 Expanding Your Reach: Explore tactics to widen your membership’s influence. Learn how to tap into partnerships, collaborations, and affiliate programs to increase your membership’s visibility and attract a wider audience.

🔑 Operational Excellence: Discover how to manage a thriving membership community efficiently. Learn about automation, delegating tasks, and optimizing processes to ensure a seamless member experience even as your community grows.

🏆 Celebrating Success: Reflect on your journey and celebrate the milestones achieved. Embrace the transformative power of the Membership Mastery Program and revel in the remarkable growth of your coaching business.

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This Is What You Will Get


  • ZThe Membership Mastery Course (Value $ 2500)
  • ZThe Membership Mastery Community (Value $ 995)
  • ZWeekly Live Q&As & Masterclasses Inside The Community
  • ZA Mobile App To Access The Course And Community With Ease


For the past decade (and some more), Nora fashioned her dream business around her biggest obsessions: neuropsychology, human behavior, and living life. With the power of memberships, this mom has created consistent 40k+ months on top of her 1:1 coaching & mentoring – making her business work for her even when she needs a break.

Today, she is on a mission to show coaches exactly how to do that through her Membership Mastery program. This delightful rebel wants you to STOP the freebie-madness and show you how to turn the things that you are already doing into recurring revenue. Welcome to Membership Mastery, where we create more income and impact without spending more time in your business.

This Is What You Will Get


  • ZThe Membership Mastery Course (Value $ 2500)
  • ZThe Membership Mastery Community (Value $ 995)
  • ZWeekly Live Q&As & Masterclasses Inside The Community (Value $2500)
  • ZA Mobile App To Access The Course And Community With Ease


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