Ten Ways to Talk About Your Offer Without Sounding Like a Broken Record

By Nora Noelle Brown

Hey fellow coaches, let’s have a heart-to-heart. We all know that to sign coaching clients consistently or get people excited about our memberships (or about any other offer), we’ve got to chat up our offer. But, honestly, it feels a bit awkward, doesn’t it? The idea of mentioning our program day after day can leave us feeling like we’re stuck on repeat or, worse, coming off as a salesy cheeseball.

But here’s the thing: If you’re not enrolling clients on the regular, there’s really no reason not to be talking about your program every single day. The trick? It’s all about variety.

Let’s dive into the ten ways you can switch up how you talk about your offer, making it fresh, engaging, and far from salesy. These strategies will not only highlight your program but also position you as an expert and pique your followers’ curiosity.

The secret ingredient you might be missing is the psychology of investment, a game-changer in the world of lead generation and conversion, especially when it comes to signing coaching clients or enrolling clients in a high-ticket offer.

10 Ways To Talk About Your Offer

1. Share a Client Journey

Nothing speaks louder than a transformation. Share stories of where your clients started and where they are now, thanks to your coaching. It’s real, it’s relatable, and it’s proof that what you do works.

2. Provide Value First

Offer tips, insights, or advice that stands on its own merit. When people see the value you give freely, they’re more inclined to dive deeper into what your full program offers.

3. Ask a Question

Engage your audience by asking them questions related to their struggles, aspirations, or thoughts. It’s a subtle way to get them thinking about their needs and how your program could be the solution.

4. Tell a Story

Humans are wired for stories. Share your own journey, a day in the life, or a pivotal moment that led to a breakthrough. Stories create connection and make your offer more memorable.

5. Share Results

Results speak volumes. Highlighting the successes your clients have achieved can act as powerful social proof, showing potential clients what’s possible for them, too.

6. Educate

Share your knowledge on topics relevant to your coaching niche. When people learn from you, they start to view you as an authority, making them more likely to be interested in your coaching.

7. Go Behind the Scenes

Give a peek into your coaching process, tools you use, or how you prepare for sessions. It demystifies what working with you looks like and builds trust.

8. Be Relatable

Show your human side. Share your struggles, your wins, and what you’re passionate about. When people see themselves in you, they’ll feel a stronger connection.

9. Showcase Testimonials

Let your happy clients do the talking. Sharing testimonials is incredibly persuasive, offering potential clients a glimpse into the satisfaction and results they can expect.

10. Celebrate Milestones

Whether it’s your coaching anniversary, a client success story, or hitting a business goal, sharing these milestones not only highlights your program’s longevity and success but also your growth and impact.

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Wrapping It Up

Talking about your offer doesn’t have to be a dread-filled task. By mixing up the way you present your program, you can keep your content fresh, engaging, and far from that dreaded salesy vibe. Each of these strategies offers a unique angle, allowing you to showcase your offer in a way that resonates with your audience and feels authentic to you.

So, which of these strategies will you try first? Remember, your offer has the potential to change lives—it’s time to share it with the world, one varied and engaging post at a time.

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