How to build a 6-figure coaching business from scratch – The Simpler Way

By Nora Noelle Brown

Dreaming of that 6-figure coaching business? The path to success is simpler than you think. And no, it doesn’t involve mimicking every guru’s strategy or flooding inboxes with messages. Let’s break down the real deal on how to make your coaching business not just thrive, but soar.

Step Away from Guru Advice

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: those guru strategies of non-stop DM-ing and freebie giveaways. Here’s the thing: DM-ing feels pushy, and nobody likes feeling cornered into making a decision. It’s basic human behavior – the moment we sense a pitch, our walls go up. And freebies? Well, they often attract people more interested in free stuff than in serious growth. You want to connect with folks who are genuinely invested in their development, not just in hoarding freebies.

The Foundation: Clarity and Transformation

Now, onto the cornerstone of your business: understanding and articulating the transformation you deliver, to whom, and how. This sounds basic, but it’s shocking how often it’s overlooked. If you’re not crystal clear about the transformation you offer, don’t expect your potential clients to be either. Spend time refining your message until it shines like a beacon to your ideal clients.

Talk About Your Offer Daily

Here’s a little secret of 6-figure coaches: they’re not shy about talking about their offer. Every. Single. Day. And no, it doesn’t get repetitive or salesy if done right. Check out this blog post for some clever ways to keep your offer fresh and engaging.


Master Your Lead-Generation Strategy

This is the game-changer: nailing your lead-generation strategy. Successful coaches know exactly where their next client is coming from. They create a predictable and sustainable flow of leads. For many, including myself and my clients, memberships are the golden ticket. They’re perfect for nurturing leads into 1:1 clients and for keeping them engaged post-program.

Automate to Elevate

As a 7-figure coach, I can’t stress enough the importance of automation. My world runs on automated emails, task creation via Zapier, and a CRM like Notion to keep everything in check. This frees me up to focus on what really matters – coaching and managing my memberships, which is only about 12 hours a week. The rest of my time? I’m sparking curiosity and creating awareness through my content marketing strategy.

Knowledge is Power

Last but not least, we’re constantly analyzing what works and what doesn’t. This ongoing process of learning and adapting is key. We amplify the strategies that show results and ditch the ones that don’t.

Wrapping It Up

Building a 6-figure coaching business isn’t about following the crowd or getting lost in a sea of freebies and DMs. It’s about clarity in your offer, consistently talking about it, mastering lead generation, automating processes, and continually learning and adapting. So, let’s ditch the guru playbook and start building your coaching empire, shall we? The path to 6-figures is clearer than you think, and it’s waiting for you to take the first step.