How to attract new coaching clients with testimonials?

By Nora Noelle Brown

Are you gathering those glowing testimonials only to find they’re gathering digital dust instead of attracting clients? It’s time for a change. Testimonials are more than just kind words; they’re powerful tools that can boost your credibility, spark curiosity, and show potential clients the possibilities that come from working with you.

But here’s the kicker: traditional testimonial formats just aren’t cutting it anymore. I am talking about sharing print screens, video testimonials, and perfectly curated posts with TONS of text. To really draw in new clients, you need to get creative. Let me show you five innovative ways to use testimonials that will make your audience sit up and take notice.

Before you dive in, a special thanks to Amber & Kayte from @_innovativemindz (follow them HERE on Instagram) for giving me this raving testimonial. We will use this testimonial as an example in this post. Here is the original full read.

1. Before & After

Highlight a specific part that showcases the before & after.

Imagine this: “Before joining my program, Amber & Kayte were overwhelmed, trying to simplify their business while aiming for greater impact and consistent income. Here’s the stunning transformation they experienced after joining!”

This approach paints a clear picture of the journey and outcome, making it relatable and aspirational.

2. The Journey

Take your audience on a ride.

Example: Amber & Kayte’s had to rethink their business model due to personal events. They desired fewer 1:1’s, predictable income, and to impact more lives. Here are the steps we focused on that made thousands of dollars of investment they’re best one. 

Break down the steps you took them through, showing potential clients the clear path you offer. 

3. Highlight a Sentence

Sometimes, less is more.

Pull out a powerful sentence from a testimonial, like “Craving consistent income while surprisingly working less.”

Explain how this is a core pillar of your program, making it easy for your audience to grasp the value you provide.

4. Educational

Just like I am doing in this blog post, or how I used it in an Instagram carousel. Click on the image to go to the IG post.

Use parts of testimonials to educate your audience about what it takes to achieve results. It’s about showing, not just telling. Let the success stories of your clients teach potential clients what working with you looks like and what is possible for them too,

5. Asking the Right Questions

Avoid the fake, ‘too good to be true’ vibe by asking the right questions. This ensures you get testimonials that are genuine and relatable. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • How has working with me been different from what you’ve experienced with other [your coaching niche]?
  • What is the greatest struggle you have overcome since joining the program?
  • What did we do together to overcome your biggest roadblock?
  • If someone would be on the fence working with me, what would you tell them, and why?
  • What was your least favorite part of the program that turned out to be a game-changer?
  • How have the results you achieved impacted your life / business / health /etc?
  • What strategies from the program have been the most effective and why?
  • In what ways has the program exceeded your expectations?
  • How much time did it take for you to see the impact of our program on your business?

What is important here is to ask intentional questions. Ask questions that will highlight that part of your membership that intrigues those who are on the fence.

No Testimonials Yet? No Problem!

Just starting out? The fastest way to gather impactful testimonials is through a beta offer or a founding member’s launch of your membership. Remember, testimonials from free work might lack the oomph of those from paying clients, as the commitment level is different. 

Wrapping Up

So, coaches, let’s give those testimonials a makeover. By presenting them in these engaging, authentic ways, you’re not just showing off kind words; you’re painting a picture of possibility and transformation. Your testimonials aren’t just reviews; they’re stories of success, education, and real human experiences. And that’s what will attract those new clients to your door. Ready to give it a try?