The Only Freebie That Attracts Coaching Clients

By Nora Noelle Brown

Are you blindly copying “guru” advice but aren’t bringing in the clients? Today, I want to talk about a very specific one: freebies!

What would happen if you upgraded your freebie to a low-ticket offer?

You guessed it, hardly anyone would be interested in it. And there’s a logical reason for that! And also why there is one freebie that will work. 

Freebies attract people who love throwing time and energy at their problems, not money.

As a coach, are you looking for people who are READY for change? READY to commit? READY to invest? Or are you looking for people who are waiting for that “from $3000 to $17”-deal?

if you are not getting consistent clients, it is because

  • you are not positioning yourself as a high-ticket coach
  • your message is NOT speaking to the right people
  • This one is going to sting a bit …. you don’t have a profound understanding of the buyer’s journey of your best client

Building a successful coaching business means having a lead-generating system that makes YOUR next client curious, engaged, and committed.

One of the three membership models for coaches is a lead-generating membership. And you know why this works so well?

Because it’s based on buyer’s psychology: a membership is treated the same as a high-ticket offer, since someone commits to a recurring pay.

So your messaging, positioning, and strategy need to align with that. And freebies or free trials are a complete miss.

High-ticket buyer’s are not looking for a freebie. They are looking for a solution, ASAP. They want to move the needle and they have ZERO problem investing in that.

Now, it takes some courage to invest thousands into a human. Especially in an age where people get scammed left and right. That’s why it is so easy for your next client to join a low-ticket (between $25-$100) lead-generating membership. The monetary risk is not that high and it already provides them growth, but also gives them the time to fully trust you AND THEMSELVES.

The lead-generating membership will provide you with consistent clients without marketing your high-ticket, and without freebies. 

It’s literally getting paid to sign clients.

There is only ***ONE*** freebie that works for your coaching business 👇
How do I know? Not only is buyer’s psychology my zone of genius, but for the past 12 years, I have worked with thousands of coaches building their businesses. The proof is in the pudding.

❓The one freebie that works ❓

Is a blueprint of the program you want to sell.

A blueprint doesn’t provide value. It doesn’t create impact. It doesn’t deliver a transformation. It simply outlines what your program covers, what transformation the program delivers, how it delivers that, and how to join.

Absolutely NO ONE, except people who are interested in your program, will grab this freebie.

Your lead generation should be intentional and always be working for you.

If you are ready to learn how to build a coaching business that consistently provides by leveraging the power of memberships, download the official MMA blueprint. It will tell you how the MMA delivers that result (and so much more!).