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Three Simple Tips To A 6-Figure Coaching Business

Three Simple Tips To A 6-Figure Coaching Business

By Nora Noelle Brown

6-Hey love, Nora here!

If you want to get REAL tips on how to grow your coaching business to 6 figures, keep reading. This one is for you. 

Most of my clients have asked me, one way or another, how I actually managed to grow a 7-figure business without a team. \

And I always feel the answer is disappointing. But it is the most brutal truth I could possibly share. 

For one, before chasing 7 figures, you have to consistently hit 6 figures. The focus from 0-6 figures is completely different than the focus you need to have from 6 to 7 figures. 

So let’s focus on the first big step: consistent 6 figures. Here are three tips that WILL get you there. 


Tip #1

There are no secrets that you don’t know about. There is no advanced knowledge that you somehow can’t find. There is no magic pill. There is not the “ONE” thing that will blow you up. So stop investing in courses and books to find that missing piece. Invest to challenge your current perspective or to learn more about a skill. 


Tip #2

Keep it simple. You don’t need 600 offers. You need ONE offer that you keep improving and be known for that offer. Most people never make it, because they keep switching offers. And although it sounds really simple to just stick with one offer, it is the hardest thing to do. Did you know that most new coaches cannot talk and promote ONE offer for even 12 months? Every time that imposter takes over their soul  … (because they don’t get that million-dollar success that apparently is so easy to get – do a quick Google search. In 2023, only 0.77% of the world’s population was a millionaire. Apparently not that easy!) … they switch their offers. 

My Offer Talk Bundle (just $47) is designed to help you confidently discuss your offer without sounding repetitive. Click here to learn more


Tip #3

The last tip hits home and I want to share it with you. I always pictured that the million-dollar version of me would be this fancy-ass lady. I would look like a million bucks, make-up always on point, hair done, elegant clothes, in great shape, etc.  

All of this couldn’t be further from who I am. Nine out of 12 months, I walk on flip-flops, I don’t like to wear make-up, I am obsessed with the ease of my mom-bun, etc. The “new version of me” felt so far away, and honestly just like a nightmare, that I was sabotaging my success. I didn’t want to become her. 

My last tip is that who you are right now is exactly the version that creates all the wealth you have in mind. Money enhances who you are. It does not change your entire person. 

I am still a cheap ass who loves to hunt promotions. I buy most of my clothes at Zara. I buy my flip-flops every year at a Chinese store for $1. Because this is who I am. I don’t value the fancy.  I value saving animals, creating time-freedom, go to the supermarket without worrying about a budget, wearing comfy clothes, being the best person I can be for the people I care about, etc. 

Fun fact: to celebrate my first 6-figure month, I ordered a pizza.

A Special Invitation

If you’re genuinely ready to make a leap this year, consider applying for Elevate. It’s time to transform your aspirations into tangible 6-figure coaching success. Click HERE to apply.

Here’s to embracing simplicity, authenticity, and the relentless pursuit of your goals. Remember, the path to 6 figures isn’t about discovering secrets; it’s about refining what you already know and who you already are.

Together, let’s make this year unforgettable.

xx Nora

The Only Freebie To Get Clients

The Only Freebie That Attracts Coaching Clients

By Nora Noelle Brown

Are you blindly copying “guru” advice but aren’t bringing in the clients? Today, I want to talk about a very specific one: freebies!

What would happen if you upgraded your freebie to a low-ticket offer?

You guessed it, hardly anyone would be interested in it. And there’s a logical reason for that! And also why there is one freebie that will work. 

Freebies attract people who love throwing time and energy at their problems, not money.

As a coach, are you looking for people who are READY for change? READY to commit? READY to invest? Or are you looking for people who are waiting for that “from $3000 to $17”-deal?

if you are not getting consistent clients, it is because

  • you are not positioning yourself as a high-ticket coach
  • your message is NOT speaking to the right people
  • This one is going to sting a bit …. you don’t have a profound understanding of the buyer’s journey of your best client

Building a successful coaching business means having a lead-generating system that makes YOUR next client curious, engaged, and committed.

One of the three membership models for coaches is a lead-generating membership. And you know why this works so well?

Because it’s based on buyer’s psychology: a membership is treated the same as a high-ticket offer, since someone commits to a recurring pay.

So your messaging, positioning, and strategy need to align with that. And freebies or free trials are a complete miss.

High-ticket buyer’s are not looking for a freebie. They are looking for a solution, ASAP. They want to move the needle and they have ZERO problem investing in that.

Now, it takes some courage to invest thousands into a human. Especially in an age where people get scammed left and right. That’s why it is so easy for your next client to join a low-ticket (between $25-$100) lead-generating membership. The monetary risk is not that high and it already provides them growth, but also gives them the time to fully trust you AND THEMSELVES.

The lead-generating membership will provide you with consistent clients without marketing your high-ticket, and without freebies. 

It’s literally getting paid to sign clients.

There is only ***ONE*** freebie that works for your coaching business 👇
How do I know? Not only is buyer’s psychology my zone of genius, but for the past 12 years, I have worked with thousands of coaches building their businesses. The proof is in the pudding.

❓The one freebie that works ❓

Is a blueprint of the program you want to sell.

A blueprint doesn’t provide value. It doesn’t create impact. It doesn’t deliver a transformation. It simply outlines what your program covers, what transformation the program delivers, how it delivers that, and how to join.

Absolutely NO ONE, except people who are interested in your program, will grab this freebie.

Your lead generation should be intentional and always be working for you.

If you are ready to learn how to build a coaching business that consistently provides by leveraging the power of memberships, download the official MMA blueprint. It will tell you how the MMA delivers that result (and so much more!).

The Unconventional Path To Growing Your Coaching Business

The Unconventional Path To Growing Your Coaching Business

By Nora Noelle Brown

Ever found yourself scratching your head, wondering why strategies that seem to turn everything they touch into gold for one coach don’t quite do the trick for you? If you’ve ever thought, “What the heck is wrong with me? What am I missing?” you’re not alone.

The real secret to growing your coaching business? Discovering your strategy. One that energizes you and keeps you moving forward. Because, let’s face it, growing your business is all about commitment and consistency. So how to find your strategy? Let me give you three real-life examples of coaches who turned nothing into a 6-figure coaching business.

Alexa | No Niching Down

Let me share a story to kick things off. Meet Alexa, a life coach who transformed her small blog into a booming coaching business by doing everything the ‘guru’ advice advised against. The constant push to “niche down” was draining her passion. So, she went the opposite direction—she broadened her topics. And guess what? Not only did she start enjoying her business again, but that’s also when she began seeing real, tangible results.

Her audience loved her diverse content so much that she turned her blog into a membership platform. Now, she enjoys the sweet stability of recurring income, and every week, she has members applying to work with her one-on-one.

Alexa’s journey is a powerful reminder that understanding your unique strengths and audience is key. Her success didn’t come from walking the path laid out by every other business coach. She carved her own.

So, why doesn’t one-size-fits-all advice work for everyone? It mistakenly assumes all coaches, clients, and strategies are identical, which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve worked with hundreds of coaches, and not two of them have the same strategy to get consistent results.

Ashlee | No Social Media

Take Ashlee, another client of mine, a business coach who thrived through unconventional marketing techniques. Social media? Not her jam. She dove into in-person networking and speaking engagements instead, aligning perfectly with her extroverted nature. Now, she’s leveraging a membership model to keep clients engaged long after her programs end, ensuring maximum growth.

Ashlee’s story underscores the importance of choosing strategies that resonate with your personality, style, and business model. It’s not about tossing all advice out the window but about selecting what genuinely aligns with your vision and values.

Embracing your unique path isn’t about rejecting all conventional wisdom. It’s about tuning into your intuition, really understanding your audience, and being brave enough to experiment.

Taylor | Burned-Out Mom

And then there’s Taylor, a wellness coach and single mom who was working a 9-5. The online courses everyone touted as the future? They felt overwhelming. The idea of constantly having to market herself for new course sales made her want to quit before she even started. Instead, she focused on her membership and a premium group coaching program. Fast forward, and she’s now running a six-figure business, having left her 9-5 behind.

Taylor’s success story is a beautiful testament to the fact that authenticity and alignment with your core offerings pave the way to success in coaching.

Remember, the most successful coaches aren’t those who blindly followed the path others laid out. They’re the ones who dared to carve their own, whether through unconventional marketing, broadening their niche, or focusing on personalized services. 

Your unique approach is your superpower. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. You’ve got everything it takes. It’s time to say “to heck with the rules” and find the courage to discover a strategy that works for you.

Curious about how my clients are using memberships to grow their coaching businesses? Download the free Membership Mastery Blueprint to discover the 12 big topics we walk through inside the Membership Mastery Academy. 

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Membership Mastery Kickstarter


Launch your membership AND have your first paying members within 30 days with the Membership Mastery Kickstarter. It breaks down day-by-day how to set it up, have a stellar first month of content and onboarding, and a complete done-for-you launch strategy – even all the emails, captions, stories, and feed posts are written out for you!


Unlocking The Membership Model

Unlocking The Membership Model

Unlocking the Membership Model For Coaches

By Nora Noelle Brown

Have you ever dreamed of having a steady flow of income month after month, without the constant hustle? Imagine not having to chase after clients or worry about your next payday, or your next 1:1 client. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, it’s totally possible, and I’m here to chat about a game-changer in the coaching world: the membership model.

The Magic of Memberships

Before we chat a bit more, it’s good to highlight straight away that memberships can be used strategically, as a lead and recurring income generator, next to your 1:1 or group program, or can be used as a standalone offer to skyrocket your impact and recurring income, or a combo of both.

The membership model is like having a subscription service for your coaching business. Instead of selling one-time packages or sessions, you offer ongoing access to your expertise, resources, and community for a regular fee. It’s a win-win: your clients get continuous support and value, and you get a predictable, recurring revenue stream. 

But there’s more! You also create a community of hot leads who want to work with you 1:1, it is a perfect way to keep clients with you after they have finished a signature program or course and to scale infinitely without trading time for money.

Why Go for a Membership Model?


  • Predictable Income: Say goodbye to income unpredictability. With memberships, you know what’s coming in each month, making planning and scaling much easier. It also allows you to take some time off from marketing or having to do 1:1s
  • Deeper Client Relationships: Memberships allow you to work with clients over a longer period, deepening relationships and increasing their success (and yours!)
  • Scalability: Reach and help more clients without increasing your workload. You create content and resources once but serve many, leveraging your time and expertise.

Getting Started: The Basics

Define Your Offer: What unique value will your membership provide? Will it include live coaching calls, exclusive resources, a community forum, or all of the above? Be clear about what members will get so they can see the value and what transformation your membership is delivering.

Price It Right: Finding the sweet spot for pricing can be tricky. You want it to reflect the value you’re offering while being accessible to your ideal clients. Don’t undervalue your service, but don’t price yourself out of the market either. With memberships, don’t be afraid to start lower and increase over time. It is a brilliant tactic to built-in urgency to join. 

Build Your Platform: Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, setting up a membership site has never been easier. Platforms like Kajabi, Thinkific, or even a private Facebook group can serve as your membership hub. Choose one that suits your tech comfort level and budget.

Attract and Retain: Use your existing channels (social media, email list, blog) to attract members. But attracting them is only half the battle; you need to keep delivering value to retain them. Regular content updates, engaging directly with members, and listening to their feedback are key.

Always start with a founding member’s launch: The founding member’s launch is usually more attractive in price for your first members to join. But in the founding member’s launch, it is not so much about the money. It is about getting those first results and testimonials to attract more members. A cute bonus is that once your first paying members are in, you have to deliver. It is a great accountability system for yourself. We all know how easy it is to quit a project because those moments of doubt take over. 

Membership Mastery Kickstarter


Launch your membership AND have your first paying members within 30 days with the Membership Mastery Kickstarter. It breaks down day-by-day how to set it up, have a stellar first month of content and onboarding, and a complete done-for-you launch strategy – even all the emails, captions, stories, and feed posts are written out for you!


Common Pitfalls to Avoid

  • Overcomplicating Your Offer: Keep it simple. You can always add more features later based on member feedback.
  • Less Is More:: It is easy to overdeliver, and add TONS of content. This will actually overwhelm your members. Instead of growing with you, they will cancel. So good news is that you can spend way less on creating your membership content. The golden rule is one topic per month, broken up into bite-size chunks. 
  • A Crappy Onboarding: Besides your content, the first impression is your onboarding sequence. Your new members should immediately feel like they’re home and that this was the BEST decision they could’ve made. 

Wrapping Up

Launching a membership model can truly transform your coaching business, offering you financial stability while amplifying your impact. It allowed me to build a coaching business that generates 40k per month ON TOP of my 1:1s and other offers. And if I don’t feel like working in the summer? My business is still working for me. 

Clearly, these numbers are built over time. So what is realistically possible? Check out the story of Isabel, who grew her coaching business to consistently 15k+ months within just 6 months. Click here to read how she did it.

Attract Clients with Testimonials

How to attract new coaching clients with testimonials?

By Nora Noelle Brown

Are you gathering those glowing testimonials only to find they’re gathering digital dust instead of attracting clients? It’s time for a change. Testimonials are more than just kind words; they’re powerful tools that can boost your credibility, spark curiosity, and show potential clients the possibilities that come from working with you.

But here’s the kicker: traditional testimonial formats just aren’t cutting it anymore. I am talking about sharing print screens, video testimonials, and perfectly curated posts with TONS of text. To really draw in new clients, you need to get creative. Let me show you five innovative ways to use testimonials that will make your audience sit up and take notice.

Before you dive in, a special thanks to Amber & Kayte from @_innovativemindz (follow them HERE on Instagram) for giving me this raving testimonial. We will use this testimonial as an example in this post. Here is the original full read.

1. Before & After

Highlight a specific part that showcases the before & after.

Imagine this: “Before joining my program, Amber & Kayte were overwhelmed, trying to simplify their business while aiming for greater impact and consistent income. Here’s the stunning transformation they experienced after joining!”

This approach paints a clear picture of the journey and outcome, making it relatable and aspirational.

2. The Journey

Take your audience on a ride.

Example: Amber & Kayte’s had to rethink their business model due to personal events. They desired fewer 1:1’s, predictable income, and to impact more lives. Here are the steps we focused on that made thousands of dollars of investment they’re best one. 

Break down the steps you took them through, showing potential clients the clear path you offer. 

3. Highlight a Sentence

Sometimes, less is more.

Pull out a powerful sentence from a testimonial, like “Craving consistent income while surprisingly working less.”

Explain how this is a core pillar of your program, making it easy for your audience to grasp the value you provide.

4. Educational

Just like I am doing in this blog post, or how I used it in an Instagram carousel. Click on the image to go to the IG post.

Use parts of testimonials to educate your audience about what it takes to achieve results. It’s about showing, not just telling. Let the success stories of your clients teach potential clients what working with you looks like and what is possible for them too,

5. Asking the Right Questions

Avoid the fake, ‘too good to be true’ vibe by asking the right questions. This ensures you get testimonials that are genuine and relatable. Here are some questions you could ask:

  • How has working with me been different from what you’ve experienced with other [your coaching niche]?
  • What is the greatest struggle you have overcome since joining the program?
  • What did we do together to overcome your biggest roadblock?
  • If someone would be on the fence working with me, what would you tell them, and why?
  • What was your least favorite part of the program that turned out to be a game-changer?
  • How have the results you achieved impacted your life / business / health /etc?
  • What strategies from the program have been the most effective and why?
  • In what ways has the program exceeded your expectations?
  • How much time did it take for you to see the impact of our program on your business?

What is important here is to ask intentional questions. Ask questions that will highlight that part of your membership that intrigues those who are on the fence.

No Testimonials Yet? No Problem!

Just starting out? The fastest way to gather impactful testimonials is through a beta offer or a founding member’s launch of your membership. Remember, testimonials from free work might lack the oomph of those from paying clients, as the commitment level is different. 

Wrapping Up

So, coaches, let’s give those testimonials a makeover. By presenting them in these engaging, authentic ways, you’re not just showing off kind words; you’re painting a picture of possibility and transformation. Your testimonials aren’t just reviews; they’re stories of success, education, and real human experiences. And that’s what will attract those new clients to your door. Ready to give it a try?

How To Build a 6-Fig Coaching Business From Scratch

How to build a 6-figure coaching business from scratch – The Simpler Way

By Nora Noelle Brown

Dreaming of that 6-figure coaching business? The path to success is simpler than you think. And no, it doesn’t involve mimicking every guru’s strategy or flooding inboxes with messages. Let’s break down the real deal on how to make your coaching business not just thrive, but soar.

Step Away from Guru Advice

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room: those guru strategies of non-stop DM-ing and freebie giveaways. Here’s the thing: DM-ing feels pushy, and nobody likes feeling cornered into making a decision. It’s basic human behavior – the moment we sense a pitch, our walls go up. And freebies? Well, they often attract people more interested in free stuff than in serious growth. You want to connect with folks who are genuinely invested in their development, not just in hoarding freebies.

The Foundation: Clarity and Transformation

Now, onto the cornerstone of your business: understanding and articulating the transformation you deliver, to whom, and how. This sounds basic, but it’s shocking how often it’s overlooked. If you’re not crystal clear about the transformation you offer, don’t expect your potential clients to be either. Spend time refining your message until it shines like a beacon to your ideal clients.

Talk About Your Offer Daily

Here’s a little secret of 6-figure coaches: they’re not shy about talking about their offer. Every. Single. Day. And no, it doesn’t get repetitive or salesy if done right. Check out this blog post for some clever ways to keep your offer fresh and engaging.


Master Your Lead-Generation Strategy

This is the game-changer: nailing your lead-generation strategy. Successful coaches know exactly where their next client is coming from. They create a predictable and sustainable flow of leads. For many, including myself and my clients, memberships are the golden ticket. They’re perfect for nurturing leads into 1:1 clients and for keeping them engaged post-program.

Automate to Elevate

As a 7-figure coach, I can’t stress enough the importance of automation. My world runs on automated emails, task creation via Zapier, and a CRM like Notion to keep everything in check. This frees me up to focus on what really matters – coaching and managing my memberships, which is only about 12 hours a week. The rest of my time? I’m sparking curiosity and creating awareness through my content marketing strategy.

Knowledge is Power

Last but not least, we’re constantly analyzing what works and what doesn’t. This ongoing process of learning and adapting is key. We amplify the strategies that show results and ditch the ones that don’t.

Wrapping It Up

Building a 6-figure coaching business isn’t about following the crowd or getting lost in a sea of freebies and DMs. It’s about clarity in your offer, consistently talking about it, mastering lead generation, automating processes, and continually learning and adapting. So, let’s ditch the guru playbook and start building your coaching empire, shall we? The path to 6-figures is clearer than you think, and it’s waiting for you to take the first step.